Mission Statement

The mission of Christian Fellowship Theater is to empower a generation of students by providing a safe place for them to grow in their gifts while enjoying the experience of theater.


1. For our leaders and students to grow in their gifts and their relationship with Christ

2. For unity and teamwork in each troupe and CFT as a whole

3. For high-quality, family-friendly productions to be presented to our family, friends, and community


At the heart of CFT are three priorities:

1. Our first priority is to be a Christian organization.  We teach our students theatrical skills in a Christian atmosphere with the goal of glorifying the Lord through excellence. This means that we seek out leaders who are following Christ, leaders who seek to honor God in their daily walk, leaders who seek to mentor young people and point them to Christ.

2. Our second priority is to give our students a place to belong, a place to be safe, vulnerable, and compassionate.  We fellowship together through worship, prayer, devotion time, drama games, and through our productions.  Our desire is to create an atmosphere where relationships can be fostered as we grow together in Christ.

3. Our final priority is theater, the means by which we accomplish our first two priorities.  Stepping onto the stage to become a character stretches the faith of many of our students, and witnessing this transformation blesses both the parents and the leaders of CFT.  We strive for excellence, not perfection.  We strive for personal growth for each student and an establishment of team unity.