General Audition Info

What to know:

CFT welcomes everyone, with or without experience. However, auditions are part of theater. We have auditions in order to place each student in a role where they can thrive.

Auditions are closed, meaning they are held in front of staff only. We try to make each actor feel at ease as much as possible. We pray for and with each student at the beginning of their audition.

What to do:

  • Be prepared

    • Choose a monologue and a song where acting can take place (we want you to tell a story with your pieces of choice - no poems, please).

    • Practice, practice, practice! It’s okay if you need to briefly refer to your script or lyrics, but it’s best to have them memorized so that you can focus on telling us the story of your pieces with your vocal inflections, body language, and facial expressions.

    • Bring your music on an iPod

    • Your monologue and song should be no longer than 3 minutes each.

  • Be early

    • Come at least ten minutes before your audition to allow ample time to warm up, and get your head and body ready. Auditioning is a full body process. It’s not just about your voice or your face. Warm up your entire body. It will help you focus and relieve any stress/nerves you are hanging onto.

  • Be present

    • Take a breath before you begin the scene. Quiet your mind and concentrate on the moment before. Don’t simply know the lines, live them, and understand what’s behind the lines. If you are worried about what people are thinking, or your next line, then you are not fully in the scene. Find a way to disappear into this world. Don’t worry about what we are looking for. It’s your job to show us your unique interpretation of who this character is. Your character has a point of view in the scene. What is it? We may want to ask you questions and talk with you before you start. Don’t be in a hurry to start. Be present, in the room, and relax. You don’t want to walk in the room acting.

  • Be genuine

    • Think about your character. Who are you portraying? How do they feel? Where are they coming from? It starts with the thought that triggers the first line, how they feel at the top of the scene, and where your character is coming from emotionally before he/she even starts speaking. It allows you to jump right into the scene with a strong connection.

  • Be clear

    • Be clear with your choices. There is always more than one way to say a line. Pick one. This doesn’t mean make bold, crazy, irrational choices, it just means make a decision with each line based on what your character wants. Don’t be safe, and don’t just glide over the important moments. Do the work at home, but then be open to direction, be flexible, in case you are given an adjustment.

  • Be you

    • This is what makes good auditions stand out. It’s your essence, your personality, your authentic self. It’s what you have that nobody else can offer, even if everyone were to be reading the same exact script. We want to see how YOU interpret the pieces and the magic that you bring to the lines that make them interesting, unique, and different, with your own spin on it. Be REAL. Being okay with who you are is confidence. We want to see who YOU are. That is sometimes just as important as your audition. Take a breath, and be in the moment.